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Guarantee the quality

Our company follow the standard ISO 9001 which is internationally recognized buy the quality management systems, so we are accredited to do inspections of quality control of ISO9001,CNAS, AQSIQ etc.


Inspecting the quality of the goods before loading in China to its destination is essential if we want to avoid surprises. We ensure that all parameters required for the client will be complied and all the work of documents will be prepared.


-Preshipping inspection: One of our technicist will inspect the goods previously and strictly following the instructions of the client.


-Management of the inspection:Any incidence will be informed to the customerimmediately to prevent the break of goods inpoor condition. Also will  contact with the supplier to clarify the situation and resolve the problem.


-Report photo: We will photograph the most important part of the sample of product, previously indicated by the customer. Those photos will be published in the same day on our internet for your inquiry.


-Report video: In the same way we will take one or several videos during the inspection so that the client can come up with a general idea about the situation of the acquired goods.


-Full inspection report: We will inform the client with all the data by email so that the client has evidence of the work done and can refer this information whenever you need it.


Guarantee your logistics

We already cooperate with more than 20 logistics companies the same as maritime as air transport from the ports of China to the world, so we are able to quote you the competitive logistics. As you know it is important to have a logistics company who can transport their containers to the warehouse with security, speed and low cost. In China there are quite logistics companies which are difficult to distinguish a good one from others. Our company only works with reliable logistic companies, meanwhile we offer competitive freight.


Our company usually pays 100% to your suppliers before your pay us. You don’t need to pay one by one to those suppliers because we are your insurer in China. Our company will take the risk of losing money for facing so many suppliers strange.THE GUARANTEE IS THAT YOU DON’T NEED TO INVEST EVEN A PENNY BEFORE RECEIVING YOUR GOODS